04 Documentation updates
"Optimize LDAP queries" change beginning in R5.0.2

In R5 and in R5.0.1, there is an LDAP service configuration option called "Optimize LDAP queries." Enabling this option builds certain hidden views in the Domino Directory that improve LDAP search performance and that allow alternate language searches (and searches of entries of object classes you add to the directory).

Beginning in R5.0.2, the "Optimize LDAP queries" option has been removed. Now, the LDAP service always builds these hidden views in the replica of the primary Domino Directory on the server running the LDAP service and in the replicas of any secondary Domino directories served by the LDAP service. This new behavior ensures optimum LDAP search performance. If you want to allow alternate language searches, it is still necessary to choose the "Allow alternate language information processing" option.

Note that if a Domino Directory on an R5 or R5.0.1 server has all of the following characteristics, you should upgrade the server to R5.0.2 or higher: